Tsumairo Shoujo ~Fuufu Seikatsu, Hajimemasu~ poster
Updated 2017-05-30
Developer Ammolite
Language eng
Total size 389mb
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Tsumairo Shoujo ~Fuufu Seikatsu, Hajimemasu~

Original title: 妻色少女 ~ふうふせいかつ、始めます~

Due to the declining birth rate in Japan, the "Government-Sponsored Marriage Program" was created, pairing men with their perfect mate. Kouta is chosen as one of the lucky candidates, and when he goes to meet his future bride, he meets Hazuki, a beautiful young girl. They are married the same night, and Kouta's new wife makes a request of him:
"Please... Please do lewd things to me."

The game by Ammolite is available for you by our large game collection and is available for free download. All files of this game is 389 MB. Try out other kinetic novel and adv games to find the best. Check out provided screenshots of "Tsumairo Shoujo ~Fuufu Seikatsu, Hajimemasu~" before downloading it to meet the style and the gameplay. Share the link to this game to help other players know more about it. Find more NSFW games like this using our rich search.

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