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Updated 2020-06-14
Developer Ebisen Works
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2.31 (270)

Trouble Travel ~Spirit Road~

* Trial version: Updated to Ver1.01

[About the game]

This is an action RPG with stealth and crafting elements,
where you are free to play the way you want.

During her journey to lift a curse, the protagonist is asked to help out with various jobs.
Doing so can help open up paths.

Achievements are included, so be sure to explore all the nooks and crannies,
and acquire all the recipes you can find.

H events involve interspecies monster sex.
Press R after game over to view events.
Human assault events are included as well.
30+ events total.

H elements are shown via pose art and simple animation.

The story takes place in the region and kingdom of Nagal.
With the death of the king, a powerful demon lord has risen in the east.
The army finds its way into the castle, and places a curse on the late king's daughter, princess Ophelia.
The curse allows her to be manipulated at any time.
The princess Ophelia thus sets out on a journey to lift the curse,
with various people in the region offering her their aid.

- Various play-styles. Stealth your way through areas, or craft powerful items to make you invincible.
- Balanced dungeons that are just the right size, with fun gimmicks and traps sprinkled throughout
- People to help along the way. They will lend you their help in return.
- After getting assaulted by monsters, her body reaches a grim end.
However, a goddess is watching over her, so things will work out somehow.
- Some humans on the way also have ill intentions for the protagonist...
- After clearing the game, the monster room and gallery are unlocked

- An enjoyable game with a focus on enemy attacks and fun gimmicks
- A great story that doesn't get too silly
- Various playstyles like stealth or crafting
- Polished H scenes and animations to enhance the enjoyment

[About controls]
Can be played with mouse, keyboard, or gamepad
See the ReadMe for details.

You can attack after receiving a sword.

[Special thanks]
CV: Sushi Pomoru
Play-testing: Discord friends
Materials used can be found in the ReadMe

Trouble Travel ~Spirit Road~ screenshotTrouble Travel ~Spirit Road~ screenshotTrouble Travel ~Spirit Road~ screenshot

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