TrapBoy poster
Updated 2021-10-14
Developer kuroMIE
Language jap chi


(English product description provided by the creator.)

◆ Summary

Collect trap parts

Assembly trap placement

Capture beauty

◆ Features

All three trap materials

※ the trial version cannot unlock materials and levels

Free combination of 10 traps

Each trap has a pixel animation CG + climax animation CG corresponding to the difficulty of the level

◆ System

The enemy has three attributes: shame / anger, pleasure, corruption and so on.

The maximum shame value triggers the enemy's escape action.

Anger reduces corruption

The pleasure value triggers a climax to stop the enemy

Degradation value reaches goodend

Each trap has different numerical effects.

◆ H scene

・ 11 kinds of point H animation + 3 difficulty clothing differences, a total of 33 kinds, all movable.

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