Touch Himawari poster
Updated 2020-07-23
Developer uchu
Rip by mikocon

Rip by anime-sharing

Touch Himawari

* Mac and Android version included

A pixel-art touching game + cheap RPG
Block-breaking as well...

This is a release of one of our unfinished games with some added story and CG.
There are no plans to finish it.

[Game content]
Lingo (Story)
H-part: Make the girl cum...!
RPG: Has various hidden H elements
Block-break: Bonus

Read the Lingo, raise the heroine Himawari's lewd meter, and go for the ending.

RPG & block-break parts are separate, and free to be played on their own.

Approx. 15 H CG + variations

- Use F5 to adjust window size
- Use Alt + Enter for full-screen

Smartphone requirements: A device with approx. 300000 score on Antutu8

* Voice for the H part is the same as found in "Pants Typing".
* Japanese language only

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