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Updated 2021-09-21
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The Vice Principal's Rigorous Sex Ed Class

Himejima Gakuen is a place where only selected excellent students and faculty can enter.

He moved to Himejima Gakuen and finished his tenure for one year.、
Mayumi Kurose returned to the previous school in the position of the head teacher.

To change the educational setting, and to make your wish come true、
as expected of himejima gakuen mayumi as a physical teaching material
We will conduct sexual education guidance to awaken the male.

However, it was Mayumi's class plan that seemed to have progressed smoothly、
Due to Mayumi's specification change, the gears gradually go crazy.

Total CG number 417 sheets, full voice.

◆Appeared character ◆

- Mayumi Kurose (CV: Ryo Ryouki)

◆ CG & Audio◆

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Himejima Academy is a school for only the very best and brightest -- that includes the teachers, too.

Mayumi Kurose spent a year teaching at this elite school, but now she's back as our vice principal. She picked up something during her year away, however... a new, more hands-on style of sexual education.

But will things go according to her syllabus? Or is this class about to get a LOT more educational?

417 CGs
Fully voiced

Mayumi Kurose (CV: Ryou Suzuki)

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