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Updated 2020-03-27
Developer Developing Room
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The Succubus' Garden

You receive a quest to take down a succubus,
and head to the beleaguered town to investigate.
There, you must search for the succubus queen,
release the captured villagers, and save the day.

[Battle system]
A simple turn-based battle system where you select commands.
Pleasure your opponents, and make them climax to win,
If they make you cum, you are defeated.

Included are facial expression variations and undressed variations.

[Defeat events]
There are no game overs for falling into a succubus trap or losing in battle,
however, you will receive defeat scenes, and be returned to your base.
The character lines change, and the battle difficulty increases.
If you lose over three times, you will lose 1 level.

[Village facilities]
- An arena, where you can battle without items to win rewards
- Brothels where you can battle succubi for experience and currency
- The Hunters guild, where you can receive special requests
- A fountain where you can recover your energy and sperm.
- A gallery where you can view previous defeat scenes.

- Name changing, erasing defeats, difficulty adjustment,
battle depictions / defeat scenes on / off
Text skip (ALT key), Reset (F5 key)
Along with other helpful functions as well!

20 character illustrations + AB variations, 16 for bosses
20 depiction illustrations + AB variations, 32 for bosses

6 types of pose art for battle defeats.
Depictions are included for defeat to special moves, and traps.
As well, defeat scenes will change up until your 3rd consecutive defeat.

Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the full version.

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