The NTR of Slutty Magical Girl Flan poster
Updated 2021-10-23
Developer OreNoHut

The NTR of Slutty Magical Girl Flan

Big-assed loli slut Flan is a magical girl too!
Her enemy this time is the perverted hypno-geezer who is taking over her lover's school!
Flan figures that old coot doesn't stand a chance against her. She was wrong.

Can Flan break free from the hypnosis, and enjoy a lovey-dovey life with her beloved "Onii-sama",
or will the hypnotizing middle-aged man convert her into a cum dump first!?
Do your best, Flan! Don't lose!
* She will lose.

Magical Girl Flan - A haughty and sadistic magical girl.
Onii-sama - Flan's boyfriend. A kind and strong guy that gets cum-squeezed by Flan's huge tits on the daily.
Gross Otaku - A disgusting hypnotist who hates Flan, and loves using his huge dick to corrupt slutty girls.

An orthodox ero RPG where you fulfill the requests of students at a school dominated by the Gross Otaku, explore dungeons , etc.
Try to get the happy ending by keeping your hypnotized level low!

- Hypno-cucking copulation
- Hypno-ero photography
- Hypno-PE bloomer sex
- Hypno-maid servicing
Contains approx. 20 scenes in the first half, and 40 scenes in the second half.
For lovers of cuckoldry / corruption!

* There is no defeat ero or gangbanging in this game.
* There is a corruption-avoidance ending. But all routes contain some NTR.
* There are no game completion bonuses

Made in RPG TKool MV

Save data from the trial version can be transferred to the full version.

Production: OreNoHut (Representative: KoyaNoNezumi)

Illustration: Puranpuman

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