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Updated 2021-01-09
Developer Kunka Kunka Empire


The Naive Princess

※* RPG *※

A princess who doesn't know the World Studies Society in a slum!?
It was imposed on the princess who was brought by become a sex miss!
A princess who doesn't know anything thinks she's trained by a king.…
Strolling through the slums and indulging in sex with the residents!
How did the Princess go?…

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The Princess of a certain Kingdom is a boxed daughter who was doted on by the King.

To let the king also study Society at last with plenty of worldly knowledge of such a princess.
But the princess who does not know anything moves alone without permission.

It was a slum!
The princess does not realize that the person who kindly guides her is actually a bad person.

What was imposed on such a princess is to become a prostitute!
Can you serve a princess who doesn't know anything at night?!?

In the destination to go to do a naughty request…
The future of the Princess…

* * H scene *※

The event picture will be animated!
Let's teach naughty things to innocent princess who does not know anything!
Sex continues until the day she becomes a full-fledged sex worker!
I'm going to commit a princess in various situations!

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- Ceres.
She is a naive boxed girl.
I was supposed to learn, but I was taken to the favela by mistake.
The voice actor is Paco Shirakawa.


A sheltered princess ventures to the city slums to learn about society, and ends up at a brothel.
She mistakenly believes this is to be some sort of training designated by the king,
but it's really just a bunch of slum-dwellers going to town on her!

Just what will become of her...?

[H Scenes]
Event illustrations are animated!
The non-stop plowing of this pure, naive girl continues until she's ready to become a whore!
Enjoy her getting violated in a variety of situations!

A sheltered princess who accidently ends up in a slum.
CV: Pako Shirakawa

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