The Lone Boy on an Island of Busty Babes poster
Updated 2021-02-06
Developer Peach Palette
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

The Lone Boy on an Island of Busty Babes

A roguelike about exploring dungeons and acquiring food.
After beating dungeons, the women will fight over the protagonist.
In exchange for food, they'll also perform sexual favors.

The protagonist's semen supply is in trouble...

I woke up on a mysterious island surrounded by voluptuous women, and I'm the only man!?
I must explore strange dungeons on the island to acquire food for survival.
There's some girl calling herself my little sister, and other older women take care of me...
but what exactly is going on here?

[H Scenes]
H scenes are all animated!
And all women have huge breasts!

A veritable storm of titjobs and pressurized breast sandwiches await our cute hero on his island journey.

H scenes can be unlocked without beating the game.

- Protagonist - A short boy with a complex about his young-looking face.

- The women - Super-busty sadists who have their way with the hero

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