The Little Landlady poster
Updated 2019-07-05
Developer 14rabbits
Language jap

Language jap

The Little Landlady

What if that joke about paying your rent with sex were for real? What if the landlady was a tiny little thing!?

Fully animated, easy to operate, gentle and relaxing H scenes.

This is a lolita work drenched in sexuality, created with the question "What is erotic?" in mind. It's a very simple explanation but if you play it and see, you will hopefully feel the presence and mood put into it.

Please download the demo video to confirm compatibility. Requires Windows Media Player.

If you have trouble playing the in-game videos,
please try the following troubleshooting solutions:
1. Update Windows / your Graphics Drivers to the latest version.
2. Remove unnecessary codecs and reinstall Windows Media Player.
3. Attempt running the game in full screen

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