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Updated 2021-08-18
Developer URURUC


The Heroine Proceeds Alone

Because it may not work properly depending on the PC environment、
Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.
In addition, all defects, etc. by 32bit PC will be considered as no guarantee.

General adventurers will capture the dungeons that spread around the world to form a party in search of treasures.
However, some adventurers will challenge the dungeon alone without partnering with someone……

◆ Game content
When non-exploration, let's give the support of female adventurers in the change of equipment, etc.
During the search let's capture the dungeon to operate the woman adventurer.

The battle takes place in 1vs1 and some enemies will launch H attacks on the hero.
because an unfavorable condition abnormality is attached by H attack、
Keep your mental strength high if you want to avoid it!
Lv raised during the search, enhanced and hand・held mana raised will disappear at the end of the search.

◆ H scene
If you lose to the enemy in the story dungeon, the character will encounter a terrible eye.
In addition, some enemies will launch H attacks during battle.
Even if it is only necessary to restrain at first, it is also possible to allow insertion with further H attack and be violated……

◆ Special dungeon
there are few special dungeons, but unlike normal dungeons
It causes a change in the body of the adventurer at the stage of invasion and torments.
let's escape and restore the changed body!

You can see some CG in the trial version
※ In the product version, some mosaic range etc. may have changed


* The game may not run properly on 32bit operating systems.

A typical adventurer gathers a party, and travels the world in search of adventure,
But this adventurer has chosen the lone road, and tries to take on dungeons by herself...


Prepare your heroine for the trials ahead, and help her navigate dangerous dungeons.
Battles are 1v1, and some enemies come at the protagonist with devastating H attacks.
If you want to avoid those bad status effects, you'll need to keep her Will high.
Levels gained, stat increases, mana, etc. are all reset after a dungeon-delving section is completed.

[H Scenes]

In the story dungeons, there is plenty of defeat H to go around, and some enemies also dish out H attacks.
As the heroine advances further down, her body starts to be impacted...
See if you can make it out, and return her back to normal!

* The trial version contains some game CG.
* Mosaics may differ between the sample and the full version.

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