The Hero Cannot Escape poster
Updated 2021-04-15
Developer Flamme Soft
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

The Hero Cannot Escape


"How unfortunate, little hero. There's no escaping me now.
Now, let's have some pleasurable fun~

The hero was trying to defeat the Demon Lord, and save the world.
But alas, he's been captured by a seductive succubus.
Can he resist her temptations, and escape?


A puzzle-solving game with meta elements (sometimes involving alteration of game files)

H scenes involve the protagonist getting level-drained.
The contents aren't too hardcore, but will certainly be up your alley if you're a masochist.


4 base CG (approx. 4 H scenes)
1 pose art (with expression variations)

1280x720 resolution
Text-skip / back-log feature included
Scene gallery / CG mode included

Made in WOLF RPG Editor

The game may be updated in the future.

Screenshot 0Screenshot 1

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