The Fire Shinobi poster
Updated 2020-05-27
Developer Breeze
Rip by mikocon

Rip by anime-sharing

The Fire Shinobi


~55 base CG
11 normal event scenes
44 H event scenes (31 videos)
Approximate playtime: 3~5 hours

~Ero animation
1200x675 resolution (16:9, full-screen) / 30 FPS
Moaning voice and fellatio sounds included

~Fully voiced female characters
CVs: Shirikageru, Uno Amane, Rio Akutagawa

An ero RPG with a traditional Japanese feel.
Explore various towns and castles, and find various ecchi events!

- Gallery, Scene viewing modes
- Text box toggle
- Full-screen mode (F4 key)
- Voice, SFX, BGM adjustment options
- Protagonist name can be changed

A boy that is the last in his line grows up as a ninja,
and eventually ends up living alone in hiding.
One day, he meets a collapsed girl in the forest named Tsumugi,
and from there, the story begins...

* This is a work of fiction. No relation to actual persons, organizations or events.
* Made in RPG TKool MV 1.6.2

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