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Updated 2021-08-12
Developer SHIBAHU Cement
Rip by mikocon


The Elixir of Domination

■ Story

Rihanna, a young and beautiful knight captain who is said to be the"strongest".
A strong and proud female knight that everyone yearns for.

Gios, a scum man, spends his days looking at her from behind with his ruthless eyes.
However, there is a turning point in such Geos.
that you can use hypnosis if you drink it.
Get a magic potion called the"Elixir of Domination"・a relic of ancient alchemy.
The magic potion was a substitute that you can temporarily master the magic of hypnosis every time you drink.
Geos uses that magic potion, he is hypnotized, and he takes action to make Rihanna his own thing......

■ Game Overview

- There is a battle, but it is almost"exploration type RPG".
(The heroine is the strongest and will not lose because it is level 99)

・The player becomes a scumbag-Geos and collects the"Elixir of Domination"、
Become a hypnotist, arrogant Chiki Takabisha strongest woman knight who is oppressed to fool yourself
It is aimed at falling into pleasure and doing it back to Kechon Kechon.

- Hypnosis has become a skill tree, and the ending changes by hypnosis to remember.
(There are two endings)

■ Convenient system

- There is"New game+".
(The second lap is to be able to start with a lot of"elixir of domination" from the beginning、
You can remember hypnosis at once, and you can recover scenes that you did not see) 
- Battle is a symbol encounter(although the battle is almost omake)

- CG/scene appreciation
- Temporary window erase
- Fast forward to battle
- Full screen etc.

■ Basic erotic CG12 sheets + α.
Standing picture erotic CG2 pieces.
Non-erotic CG1 sheets.

■ This work is produced in"RPG Maker MV".
 Please check the operation in the trial version.
 ※ You can not use the viewing mode in the trial version.Please note.

■ In the future, there is a possibility to version up due to reasons such as the discovery of defects.
 We recommend purchasing on membership registration.

■ I introduce it in () for details.



Liana is a young, beautiful and powerful knight captain.

Gios is a disgusting man that's spent his days ogling her with ill intention.
And finally, he's found his chance.
He acquires an ancient potion called "The Elixir of Domination",
which, when drunk, gives one hypnotic powers.
If he drinks this potion, surely he could use those powers to make Liana his own...

An exploration RPG with some minor combat elements.
The heroine is lvl 99, so there's no difficulty to the encounters.

The player controls the disgusting Gios, whose goal is to acquire Elixirs of Domination,
and turn the powerful and prideful knightess into his pleasure-corrupted slut.

Your hypnotic powers are arranged in a skill tree, and the ending changes depending on the skills you acquire.
The game contains 2 endings.

- New Game+
- CG / Scene viewing
- Text window transparency
- Battle speed up
- Full-screen

12 base HCG + extra
2 H pose art
1 non-H CG

* Made in RPG TKool MV.

See Ci-en for further details:

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