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Updated 2021-07-27
Developer Hurricane Dot Com

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The Demon Lord's Daughter: Demona


Demona was enjoying her reclusive lifestyle playing games and reading manga all day,
when one day, she was summoned by her father, the Demon Lord.
It would seem a journey of trial and tribulation awaits her...

* The usual Hurricane volume!

Events, animations, cut-ins, sexual harassment, dress-up, etc.
Approximately 1000 pieces of pixel art including variations!

* Action game & battle fuck

An action RPG in pseudo-3D space.
Come into contact with ero enemies, and it's time to battle fuck!
The sexual harassment goes both ways too.

* Some other key points

- Simple animations for sexual harassment pixel art
- Includes small pixel art movements during combat
- Includes lots of sexual harassment from various people
- After reaching 50+ Lewdness, you can become a prostitute
- Gacha cards allow for status screen-limited dress-up options
- Gallery mode included
- Event illustrations are also pixel art
- Fully voiced (CV: Gemiko Yamada)
- Some slightly long pixel art theatrics after Game Over.
- Basically battle fuck (Upon capture, male or female attack is randomly decided)

* Cut-ins & cards

Cut-ins are included for sexual harassment scenes during battle fucks.
You can also gather dress-up cards via gacha!
Dress Demona in your favorite clothing on the status screen!

* Character introduction
- Demona
Although she looks young, she's almost 100 years old.
She's not a virgin, but has a virgin-like pristine pussy.

She loves sex, but nothing forced. Tends to mess up names.
Selfish, and egocentric. Surprisingly easy to deceive.
Speaks as you'd expect an ancient loli to.
CV: Gemiko Yamada

* Production
Hurricane Dot Com (pixel art) (
TRS (programming)

* Other

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