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Updated 2021-07-19
Developer Pasture Soft
Rip by mikocon


The Dark Tome

* Notes
This game requires DirectX 9.0

Left click: Confirm
Right click: Cancel

"What would you do if you acquired a tome of great power?"
X-ray vision, time-stop, mind-control, invisibility...
With such abilities at the tip of your fingers,
what sort of sexual mayhem would you unleash on the the residents of this town?
And there is no shortage of beauties around the women's university, shopping area,
office buildings, and residential zones...

A casual occult-themed SLG.

Use the power of your newly acquired tome to sexually harass university students, office workers,
shop assistants, bath patrons, and more!
You can also combine different kinds of magic to unlock further possibilities!
Furthermore, the acquisition of this time has coincided with a strange occurrence;
the town is trapped in a time-loop, and resets every two weeks.
You can investigate the cause of this loop, or just enjoy the situation!
The game contains multiple endings depending on your choices.

30+ base CG
Includes animation

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