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Updated 2021-06-27
Developer SILK P.O.D.
Rip by mikocon

The Cradle of Loneliness

【The Update Patch (Japanese)】

It is a patch for those who downloaded it at DLsite.
The patch for those who purchased at the comic market is on the official website.

[Official Site]

[OP Movie]

A year passed since "That day" - 22th July.
That trauma keeps entwining with me.
Mio passed away.
Kazuha went away.
Since I got alone, I have long lived in dizzying days.
But one day,
Mio, who was supposed to be dead, showed up.
After all, she just has similar appearance as her.
She is not Mio. She said she is a transfer student.
There is no way such a coincidence could happen...

[Character Introduction]
- Kazuha
A child hood friend of Kenta. Good at both study and sports.
A member of school's volleyball team. Taking care of Mio.

- Mio
A girl who is always at Kenta and Kazuha's side. Speaks somewhat
differently from others. A member of school's volleyball team, together with Kazuha.

- Kenta
An unmotivated student, as reading comic books during the classes.
Hopelessly bad at mathematics.

- Rei
A girl who has exactly same looking as the girl passed away.
Showed up abruptly before Kenta. No one knows her true colors.

* Approx. 3~4 playtime

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