The Church of Level Drain poster
Updated 2021-09-14
Developer Let know a shop
Rip by mikocon


The Church of Level Drain

The barrier that protects the church from powered by hero XP!?
The nuns you encounter at the end of your adventure require your help to protect the church.
But, you're about to become an XP-offering masochist...!

You'll get some lewd rewards for your level drain too.
The seduction from these sisters doesn't stop!

Finally...a succubus arrives to plant the seeds of deeper fetishes (feet, armpit, saliva, smell...)!

45 H scenes total (Including 8 from Reminiscence For You Mode)
339 CG total including variations

- Chastity Belt Mode: How much temptation can the hero endure when he can't ejaculate!?
- Reminiscence For You Mode: Sister Rosa recounts to you some embarrassing stories from the past!

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