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Updated 2020-12-31
Developer SHIBAHU Cement



Tasogare to Raigou

The demonic barrier around the school is gerring stronger!
There are only ten days left until the barrier is complete..
At the same time, a stranger rumor is going around the school.
What does the new transfer student have to do with the rumor...?

Take control of transfer student Yuuka, fend off the demons, and destroy their barrier!
But you only have ten days...

If the bosses defeat you, you'll be overtaken by the demonic shadow and subjected to H scenes.
The ending changes depending on how you play!

Also features a virgin ending...

* 6 endings
* New game+, CG and scene gallery, window closing,
fast text scrolling, full screen mode, etc. features.

20 base CGs
4 H pose arts
3 non-H CGs

Created using RPG Maker MV.
Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.

Visit for more details.

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