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Updated 2021-08-30
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Takuya's 9 Big Sisters

概要 Overview

The sisters who knew that they would go to study abroad will runaway earnestly!
i will be attacked by my sisters!
Love for each brother explodes!?
Etch is love to my brother!?

The event scene is animated!with voice!(4 voice actors are employed)
You can be naughty with all 9 sisters!

The ending is 9 kinds of each sister and 1 kind of mystery 10 kinds!
Talking to every 1 day, it is 1 day 1 person who can be naughty.
The ending is diverged and changed depending on the frequency of talking.

Anyway, I will continue to advance the story while living naughty with 9 sisters.
my sister will attack one after another depending on your actions!
It is recommended for men for M!

ー Story

"I have nine sisters"

His father, who has been wandering for a long time, came back with his sister every time he went home.
One, two ... nine people before I knew it!?
i kept living like that ... from my classmates.、
"I'm going home every day!".oh, my god!i envy you!」
It is said to be the end.
"I didn't do it."

What are you saying ... in fact...?

It would be useless as a person to continue this life.
exchange?this is it!」

When it is known that you are going to study abroad, my sisters will be absolutely noisy.
And, I've been hiding for a long time, but the remaining two weeks....

"Naa if you do not say it as expected - - -"

The exchange student is finally informed.
doting on takuya?The action that the sisters take to do is....

ー H Scene

For various reasons, the sisters come to attack earnestly!
i chose to study abroad because i wanted to leave my sister, but it was a runaway・・・
From inclusive etch to forced etch!
is there a sister who is too strong in love...?
it's all love, right??
The play scene is 9 sisters x 3 scenes of 27 scenes!

ー Character & Voice Actor

Everyone's younger brother.
She has always been a toy for her sisters, and she is disgusted.
I choose to study abroad to leave my sister, but ... as a result....

"Mina" CV: Shirakawa Paco
Her eldest daughter.
she is a solid person and everyone can rely on.
Of course, I love Takuya.
She is also the first sister to meet Takuya.
i played with him as a child, and he's still...?
love is love?」

"Hyuga" CV: 鳴 森りいあ
Second daughter
It is a child who does not go against the childish look.
but when it comes to emergencies, i can rely on my sister.
It is because I care about everyone, I sulk when I do not take care of it.
"Who's the kid?"」

"Yuki" CV: 鳴 森りいあ
She was the third daughter.
Lovely girl who loves foreign countries(self-proclaimed)
She loves to play with him and loves to play with him.
"If it's fun, it's ok!"」

"Ayaka" CV: Satsuki Mei
She was the fourth daughter.
i love having fun!
what i came up with is immediate action!
On the back of a healthy and bright side...?
"Hey servant, it wasn't a toy, it wasn't a toy, Takuya, I'm free.」

"Riya" CV: 鳴 森りいあ
Fifth daughter.
I love fashionable things.
Are you going to be solid but surprisingly natural?
He is a Tsundere to Takuya.
"That, this is Takuya's favorite pen ... drop it in a place like this..."

She was the sixth daughter.
I love the game.
I want to do something more fun than a regular life.
The desire to hide in a quiet character is....
huh ... already in the morning ... huh?evening?I thought it was sunrise ... sleep."

"Tone" CV: 夕霧 花音
She was the seventh daughter.
He is a quiet person who also helps with housework.
She helps Mina and tries to stop the other sister's runaway.
But when I drink a certain drink ...
"N, this is delicious - - -.I'll buy it again---nya - - -"

"Walnuts" CV: Shirakawa Paco
She was the eighth daughter.
A well-known internet publisher.
Basically, they either play at home or play games.
his net name is kurumin.
"Takuya-Let's play a game.It's okay, I'll make it a video and don't stream it."

"Mizuki" CV: Satsuki Mei
She was the ninth daughter.
Her birthday is a little earlier than Takuya.
A sister attribute while a sister loved by everyone.
He is interested in various things.
riya has been taught tsundere language.
"Hmm!i don't want to see your face!・・- what's wrong, takun?」


After finding out that protagonist Takuya is leaving to study abroad,
his 9 stepsisters go wild, and can't stop lusting after him!
They all find various lewd ways to display their love for their little brother!

Event scenes are animated! Voices included (with 4 voice actresses)
Have sex with ALL of your sisters!

There are 10 endings, one for each sister, plus a mysterious extra ending...
Each day, you can choose one sister to chat up, and sex up!
Ending branches depend on whom you choose and how often.

Your actions will decide how your big sisters come assault you, one after the other.
A great work in particular for masochist men!

[H Scenes]
It turns out Takuya's decision to escape his sister via studying abroad would go down so easily with them,
and they're raring for sex!
Love may even blossom in the house!?

Contains 27 scenes total (9 sisters x 3 scenes)

[Characters / Voices]


'Mina' CV: Pako Shirakawa
The reliable oldest sister

'Hinata' CV: Riia Narimori
An immature girl that can be reliable when the time arises.

'Yuki' CV: Riia Narimori
A lovely girl that loves foreign countries.

'Ayaka' CV: Mei Satsuki
A cheery fun-lover.

'Ria' CV: Riia Narimori
A fashionable girl with some air-headed tendencies.

'Sumire' CV: Kanon Yuugiri
A gamer shut-in.

'Shirabe' CV: Kanon Yuugiri
A gentle girl that helps out with house chores.

'Kurumi' CV: Pako Shirakawa
A famous online streamer.

'Mizuki' CV: Mei Satsuki
The beloved youngest sister. Is a bit of a tsundere.

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