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Updated 2021-08-11
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Sword of Girlish Knight

■ Synopsis

 The stage is the citadel of Warz Nest.
 Against threats such as damage from subhumans living in the area around the city and dangerous monsters lurking in ancient ruins
 In the Adventurer guild, it was committed to solving the problem by asking the adventurers to which it belongs.
 It was a city that seemed to maintain peace, but it was rumored that the cult believed in the evil god was behind the scenes.
 In the air of great mayhem, knight apprentice Isheka Stenroth opens the doors of the Adventurers Guild…

■ Outline of the work

Use your sword, shield and magic to defeat the monsters that attack you and aim for the stage
2D Dot erotic is a fantasy action RPG game.

Become a knight apprentice Isheka Stenroth and complete the request of the Adventurers Guild to raise the order of martial arts.

You can earn experience points by defeating enemies and raise each status by raising the level.
It will continue to be enhanced by items and artifacts that can be obtained during the adventure.

When it becomes impossible to fight, it is taken home to the nest of the monster and it is humiliation erotic dot animation.

Story all 5 stages+Demon Beast Subjugation 2 stages
You can choose 3 levels of difficulty at the start of the game.

Total number of dot erotic:9 scenes+side erotic CG9 sheets

■ Notes in the case of the purchase
It may not work properly depending on your environment.
Please purchase it after confirming that there is no problem with the operation in the trial version.

This is the best app I have ever used and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
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Our tale begins in citadel city Wirznest,
where an adventurer's guild is tasked with dealing with a variety of threats to the stronghold.
Beneath the peaceful citadel lurks rumors of a deranged cult, and as a sense of tension permeates the city air.
A young squire by the name of Isheka Stenrose opens the doors to the guild...


A traditional 2D pixel art action RPG of sword, shield, and magic!
Defeat monsters, progress through the stages, and clear job requests!
Level up by defeating enemies, and acquire powerful artifacts and items to aid you along the way.
If you should be defeated, the monsters will take you back to their lair for raping,
all depicted with beautiful pixel animation!

The story is composed of 5 stages plus 2 legendary beast battle stages.
There are 3 difficulty levels to choose from.

Pixel art H: 9 scenes + 9 side ero CG

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