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Updated 2021-03-24
Developer Summoner Veil
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

Surrounded By Succubi!?

- Tate
A boy who dreamed of being a butler. However, his new workplace is a manor of succubi,
and now he has to escape.

- Satomi
CV: Kanon Yuugiri
The owner of the mansion...or rather, the succubus who brings all the others together.
She looks kind, but who knows if that holds up when it comes to sex...

- Mika
CV: Riia Narimori
Satomi's little sister. A schoolgirl...who sucks the cum from all the male students.
Loves fellatio, and has a skilled tongue.

- Momo
CV: Riia Narimori
An office worker working for the owner's father's company.
Not particularly interested in sex, or cum-sucking.
That does make her rather hungry by times though...
It doesn't show on her face, but she is lively.

- Lillith
CV: Mei Satsuki
Satomi's servant. Works as the head maid, but isn't particularly suited to the job.
Not necessarily a full succubus, but is more faithful to the lusty succubus life than some.

- Nanami
CV: Pako Shirakawa
A succubus that works at a cabaret club.
She gets plenty of cum from clients, so she's never hungry.
She seems kind to the protagonist, but she also seems to love teasing him...

- Levi
CV: Pako Shirakawa
An inventor succubus that loves to test out her new creations, including sex drugs...

- Bell
CV: Riia Narimori
An easy-going succubus that earns money through the stock-market.
Loves teasing. If she can do that, and get her meal, she doesn't care what happens afterward.

- Lala & Lulu
CV: Pako Shirakawa & Mei Satsuki
Twin succubi, and friends of Satomi.
They popped in to the manor after hearing they'd hired a new manservant...

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