Summoned to Another World to Character Build a Half-elf poster
Updated 2021-06-20
Developer Futoumei Z
Rip by mikocon


Summoned to Another World to Character Build a Half-elf

It seems your feverish gacha rerolling has reverse-summoned you into another world!?
And a pure half-elf is waiting for you to level her up so you two can save the world!
A character-building simulation & RPG!

Put your degenerate social game skills to use!

- Protagonist and heroine names can be changed
- Lots of sweet love-making. Violation only occurs in bad ends, and can be avoided.
- Easy to beat, but with plenty of elements to keep hardcore smartphone RPG gamers entertained
- Grow stronger in power with H
- Cosplay feature included - battle in style! Damaged ver. toggle included.
- Alter heroine proximity
- Cut-ins put the focus where it's needed in H scenes.
- H scene reactions change depending on the heroine's growth, so the same H command may give different cut-ins!
- Save the world - If that's something you're interested in doing
- Continue playing infinitely after the ending
- New Game+ included

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