Summer Clicker ~Sweet Summer Vacation With Oneesan~ poster
Updated 2021-06-20
Developer Ankake Pudding
Rip by mikocon


Summer Clicker ~Sweet Summer Vacation With Oneesan~

[Key Points]

- Pure love oneshota, with no reversals.

- First-person perspective H with the shota always on the receiving end.

- A simple clicker game. Level up, click, build up points. Nothing too difficult!

- Smooth ero animations!
Genres include French kissing, handjob, penis-head teasing, fellatio, titjob, cowgirl creampie


I met her at the library during summer break, and it started with her forgetting something.
From then on, I started coming around to her house to play.
Then, our secret relation begin...


A kind and voluptuous (K-cup) girl that lives by herself.
On her days off, she enjoys reading at the library.

Protagonist (you)

An inexperienced and pure virgin boy.


Megumu Morino (as Oneesan)


- Made in Unity
- 1280x720, 1600x900, 1920x1080 resolutions, Full Screen option included
- Controllable with mouse
- BGM, SFX, Voice volume settings included
- Enjoy previously viewed scenes as many times as you like
- The full version includes cheats
- Animation lock, meter adjustment, etc. included

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