Sudden-Urge Class -7 Fighters- poster
Updated 2021-02-12
Developer Bigben
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

Sudden-Urge Class -7 Fighters-

■ Synopsis
The hero who stood up to defeat the demon King will travel the world with 6 girls、
A certain desire strikes such courageous girls・・・・

So is the "defecation desire"!

i can never go against the intention of the flight once held!Even if it is in front of the enemy!
Can you save the world with your friends who are putting up with poop!?

■ Game system
- Adopt a stools increase system, you will want to poop by eating time lapse and rice!
- HP and MP consumed in battle recover by eating food!let's eat a lot, let's eat a lot, let's eat a lot, let's eat a lot, let's eat a lot!
- When the poo is about to leak, the Toilet Dodge event will occur when you return to the base!can you make it to the bathroom in time??
- Even if you are not good at RPG, you can get cheat equipment that can defeat any enemy with 1 shot!

■ Event
A total of more than 30 events featuring defecation in the toilet!
(There are defecation scenes in all events, all without CG, without H scene, including sub events)

■ Event Example
- Wild fuck in another world, secretly poop in the gap where the hero is sleeping
- locked up in a cell with a group of men, forced to use a toilet.・・・
- All the women's restrooms are full, I want to poop in the men's restroom
- My stomach got cold in the cold, proceed through the dungeon while putting up with diarrhea
- when i was farting, I wanted to poop!but there was no toilet nearby.・・・
- I had a stoppage while moving in a carriage, can I stand up to the toilet?

Many other events are also included!

※ Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version before purchase.










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