SUCCUMB ~武道家少女のホントの望み~ poster
Updated 2021-04-03
Developer karaage-tomato
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

SUCCUMB ~武道家少女のホントの望み~

~ Introduction ~ (Please be sure to read)
- This work is made of RPG Maker MV, we recommend checking the operation in the trial version
i think we can reach the end in about -1 to 2 hours
- The event will be fully released after the ending is reached
- You can play until after viewing a specific event in the trial version
- You can move to the load screen with the A key while the event occurs
- Q key input to temporarily erase the message window, re-enter to cancel the temporary erase
- Mouse operation is required in the recollection room


He is an ordinary high school student, except for the knowledge of martial arts.

he's no stranger to that neighborhood, a girl with superhuman fighting abilities.
She was in a relationship with her lover, and she was also married to her husband.

while struggling with a lover who has an outrageous personality
It was the flame that had spent the days of plenty of love、
After the love affair, Fireya suddenly says something like this.

you're the kind of guy you don't like being a cuckold?」

When I asked the story while being puzzled, Hiya got engaged someday and became her husband.
I want you to have the same level of ability as yourself.

and in order to force the training to be carried out by hinata, who hates training、
if you don't get strong, you're gonna have sex with some other bastard?"And
I was plotting to play the cuckold who took my body as a hostage.

i don't want to give my lover to a man other than myself.
he starts training with a heavy waist up.、
It was supposed to be a play of pretend to be a cuckold, and Hiya became addicted to it someday――

~ Simple operation explanation~

- Only choose a choice in 6 phases: morning, day×2, night×2, night
- The game will not be over even if you lose in the game at the training destination
- You can save before the game is over
- If you follow the instructions of the pop-up, you can view the etch event at the fastest speed
- If the pop-up does not happen, it is recommended to go to the house of Hiya
- The difficulty of the game is super easy, but you can view the tips in the recollection room once

~ Some of the event menu ~
- Brush down play with junior male students who became acquainted from a terrible thing
- Enter the love hotel with the teacher of the homeroom teacher and be instilled the middle-aged etch into the body
- It is done by the technical sex of the Chara man who has been calling out on the way home from school
- Fun in compensated dating etch with an old man who is not clear that was to meet in the dating app
- i was challenged to revenge by a martial artist who came to break the dojo before……

and so on.
Basically, the game difficulty is low and you can browse H events even if you are playing carelessly
The girl who was stronger than anyone is gradually awakened to the pleasure of masochism in fornication
I hope that you will enjoy the way you choose to succumb and fall on your own will

Use 3D Custom Girl
SS introduces paid MOD+performs image processing on its own
















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