Succubus x Saint ~Succubus' Feast and Saint's Ecstasy~ poster
Updated 2020-04-29
Developer AisStew
Rip by s-hentai

Language jap

Succubus x Saint ~Succubus' Feast and Saint's Ecstasy~

A girl who was once a candidate to be a saintess, Liluna is involved in a ritual
of reviving the evil god and enchanted with an erotic curse.
Furthermore, the ritual's effect makes a number of unknown creatures show up
and the holy church where Liluna lives becomes isolated.
In order to stop the ritual, she has to get four "Orbs of Seal" in sightseeing spots
such as a historical ruin and a cave situated near the holy church...

A pure girl with a sexy body enchanted with an erotic curse goes through
prostitution, monsters' violations and dungeon exploration in this corruption-themed HRPG.

- H Scene Count: 100+
- H Status: Implemented + extra
- Virgin Completion: Possible
- Dress-up: 4 patterns (lingerie / ritualistic costume / bunny suit / school swimsuit)
- Clothing Damage: Implemented
- Animation: Implemented
- Number of Endings: 4
- Scene Replay Mode: Implemented
- Game Over: None
- Difficulty: 4 levels + extra
Easy mode with stressfree gameplay is for casual players
Hard mode is for completionists and those who like to get her violated

- ASMR sounds are included for H scenes!
- Versatile moaning voices, cut-ins and animations of penetration will rave it up!
- In addition to standard H status effects, there are loads of "flavor skills" to be collected!

- Scene Replay
- Backlog
- On/Off text window
- Various skip functions
- Speech balloon system
- You can make her do masturbation, breast milking and urination anywhere anytime
- Animated H scenes
- Moaning voices
- Mouse, keyboard and gamepad input (keyboard and gamepad can be customized)
- Lightweight mode is implemented

- No scatology, grotesque and violent expressions
- Created with RPG TKool MV
- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.
- The save data cannot be transferred from the trial version to the retail version
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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