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Updated 2021-11-01
Developer Kunka Kunka Empire

Stream in the Old School Building

Streamers Shizuku, Naoko, and Touko of the popular Shizunaoto Channel get trapped in an old school building.
Make use of their special skills, solve puzzles, and try to escape!


Shizuku, Naoko, and Touko find themselves trapped in an old school building haunted with monsters,
and full of puzzles.
As tragedy strikes, the stress of the situation leads to a big fight, and the three end up separating.
Their leader finally calms down, and sets out about saving the others.


Large mantises, giant toads, moving statues, lurking tentacles, strange men...
The assault and violation is unrelenting, and their stream records it all...

Can the 3 girls make it out safely?

[H scenes]

Contains rape, insect sex, gangbang, and other hardcore sex!
The game contains multiple endings!


Shizuku - The leader of Shizunaoto Channel.
A petite blonde with a sharp mind, and strong leadership capabilities.
She's great at solving puzzles.

Naoko - A generally calm girl that can sometimes be emotionally overwhelmed.
As the daughter of a locksmith, she knows how to open even the rustiest of doors.

Touko - A tall girl with a large bust.
While she's not so bright, she can use her brawl to remove large obstacles.


Use the trio's unique skills to proceed! Hit [C] to change characters.
The game contains 2 routes.
Some of your choices may lead to game overs, so be careful.
1 route has a stealth part, where getting caught also means game over.

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