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Updated 2021-02-23
Developer acerola
Rip by s-hentai

Stolen Newlywed Monica ~Tsundere Wife's Titillating Task~

Kyle's tsundere childhood friend, now his wife. She's rather energetic and friendly, and has a gentle heart. She's got a problem letting her true feelings out, and when they come it's usually by accident, much to her frustration.
She doesn't know much about sex beyond the common sense stuff.
She's embarrassed if Kyle sees her naked, but doesn't care much if a stranger does.
If it bothered her, she'd never be able to go on adventures. She loves having sex with the person she loves. She's also fond of kissing.

A gentle and airheaded older girl who likes to spoil Kyle. She's been taking care of him since he was very young. She's so happy when she gets to spoil him, and often does it unconsciously. She doesn't know much about sex.
She undresses in front of Kyle without much thought.
She doesn't care if strangers see her, either.
She likes sex and anything that feels good.
Especially when it's rough...

A girl who Kyle saved from a village destroyed by the Demon Lord. She has feelings for her savior. At first they didn't get along very well, but she gradually learned his charms.
As her aloof looks suggest, she doesn't go out of her way to talk to strangers.
She has a complex about her large chest, and it makes her uncomfortable when people stare at it. Still, though, she likes sex well enough. Her clitoris is very sensitive.

A kind boy who's a bit indecisive. He's Monica's husband and will do anything to help someone in need. He just wants peace.
He gets carried away easily despite his hesitant personality.
He likes sex, but abstains so he can maintain a pure lifestyle.
He may be trying to hold out amid a harem of hot girls, but he's still a healthy boy, after all...

A handsome, heroic playboy who thinks of little else but sex. He's vain and easily irritated.
He's found that his title makes it easier to pick up women. He's actually a popular streamer.
Using a magical stone that can display videos, he broadcasts himself having sex with the girls he meets.

The head of the inn, and just as perverted as he looks.
He's cheap, but not when it comes to his own interests.
When he finds a girl he likes, he offers her a discount at his inn, then peeps on her or molests her in her sleep.

An ostentatious and wealthy young noble.
He makes a mature impression, but in reality he's egotistical and self-centered.
He uses his refined looks and anything advantage he's got as powerful weapons.
He falls in love with Monica at first sight, and will do anything to make her his.

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