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Updated 2021-05-25
Developer dorgel
Rip by mikocon

Sphilia's Familiar [Chinese Ver.]

A NEET (unemployed guy) in the modern society is reborn into an alternate world
summoned by a magical girl. He becomes a cruel-minded familiar spirit and
goes all the way in this erotic fantasy RPG.

Nearly ignoring their objective to prevent the demon lord from the revival,
he bangs down the magical girl who is his mistress and even executive villainesses...

Thus, he will know the truth behind his summoning.

* System
- His mistress is his sex slave......!
His mistress is such a naive girl as she can't go on an adventure without a familiar spirit.
He exploits the fact to have sex with her every night.
And some lovey-dovey-sweety-sweet kinds of stuff......?

* Sexual Harassment Battle
Most battles are full of sexual harassment by both her enemies and party members.
Battles without sexual harassment can be ended by a single attack.

* You Can Make the Mistress Be Cucked
You can make humans and even monsters cuck the mistress.
(if you don't like it, you can avoid this)
Whether to monopolize the mistress or make her a common property is up to you.

* Villainesses under the Demon Lord
Needless to say, you can get them... But it takes a lot.
Once you defeat them, you can summon them in battles.
You can use their special moves and r*pe them once they become your slaves.

* Employs Multi-Ending System
The conclusion of this story hinges on your choices.

* Systems implemented:
- Reminiscence mode available anytime
- Message skip
- Unlocking all reminiscence scenes as a post-game content
- Debug mode
Please be aware that debug mode is likely to mess up the gameplay!

* 36 base HCG, 250+ variations with many variations in facial expressions

**Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:


**This is the Chinese version**

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