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Updated 2021-02-16
Developer Monsters Biscuit

Sphere, The Knight of Elf

(Product description provided by the creator.)

** Prologue

There are no countries.
Human, the beasts, elves. Three tribes fight against each other
to attain on ring.
And those who attain the ring can decide a class system in the society.

** Osmond

I'm Osmond.
I used to be a famous knight,
but nowadays I am just an old man.

While I met a person in the travel. That was Sphere, the elf knight.
I heard that she is finding the clue that her friend missed...

Luckily, we go traveling with each other.

** Sex Scene

Mainly, Sphere is rapped.
Defeat Sex,Tentacle Rape,Gang Rape,Monster Rape,etc.
To get the clue for her missing friend,
she is willing to serve her body.

** Staff

Script,Creation by Python
Created by Mr. Python who worked for many notable RPG.
Don't miss it if you are fan of him!

Illustration: Purple Moon Fall Night

** Others

Created with RPG making MV.
Please check how it works on the trial ver.

In the first introduction part, you can use AUTO fight.

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