Spanking King - Punishing Your Subordinate Demon & Dark Elf poster
Updated 2021-04-25
Developer [email protected]
Rip by mikocon

Spanking King - Punishing Your Subordinate Demon & Dark Elf

A mini-game about spanking bad girls.

You are the demon lord, and doling out punishment to subordinates that cause a commotion.
It's time for them to make up for their mistakes...

In this game, you punish two girls, the demon Dina,
and the dark elf Aulora, by giving them both a good spanking.
Choices do not impact the ending, or lead to a game over.

The game contains 6 phases
1. Prologue
2. Setting
3. Communication
4. Spanking
5, H scene
6. Select
After one clear, you can repeat any phases you enjoy.

Spanking can be set to auto or manual.
Spanking target can be set to [50], [100], [250], [500] or [1000]
Character graphics can be toggled between "default" and "ass in the wall" during spanking

- Skip functionality included for spanking, previously viewed scenes, and conversation

- A log keeps track of your spanking count, method, and time spent
* Spanking count can be set to one button press = 1 or 5 spanks

- Keyboard / gamepad only (no mouse support)

816x624 resolution
Estimated playtime: Approx. 5~15 minutes


3 base CG (Dina, Aulora, ???)
8 total including variations (3 Dina, 3 Aulora, 2 ???)

- Spanking CG
3 base CG (Dina, Aulora, ass in wall)
12 total including variations (3 Dina, 3 Aulora, 6 ass in wall)

Non-ero pose art, etc. included

Made in RPG TKool MV 1.6.2
This game may be updated in the future.

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