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Updated 2021-05-27
Developer aiueokompany
Rip by mikocon

Sound of Drop - fall into poison -

* Genre: Mystery Horror ADV

* Story
-----A terrifying aquarium that attacks young girls

In a quiet part of the metropolitan area, there was a visitor's attraction
with an urban legend that Mayumi and Himeno wanted to confirm.
But a trivial thing led to a fight, and the girls split up.
At some point, the aquarium closed. Mayumi was still inside.

A reunion with a missing little sister.
An encounter with a mysterious young girl.
Memories of a painful past.
The aquarium submerges Mayumi in thoughts...

-----And then she is forced to choose.

aiueokompany presents a multi-ending mystery horror
where the fates of young girls can go 31 different ways:
27 bad endings and 4 true endings

* Opening movie

* Staff
Scenario by Akeo
Character design by Shiokouji
Setting and UI design by Keimaru
BGM by Low
Script by Daniele P
Movie by Carefree

* This is the HD remake of Shizuku no Oto (RE140321) from May 2014
* Includes new graphics, more scenarios + CGs, and a long awaited theme song

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