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Updated 2021-01-18
Developer wandowando


Sol Knight Brigade ~A Tale of Knightly Corruption~

The sol knight brigade is famed in the republic for once battling a group of savage barbarians.
Things have died down since then, but the kidnapping of a noblewoman leads them back into battle...
These brutes have a culture of violating those they fell in combat.
One slip of indecisiveness will lead to intense violation.
Can the knights prove victorious, and restore peace?


If the 5 main heroines are defeated in combat, an H event will be triggered.
As the defeats pile up, the severity of the events will progress as well.
Enough defeats will certainly lead to a full-on gangbang...

As the story progresses, you'll get your hands on debuffing items like cursed blades and poison potions.

There are 2 endings; good end and bad end.


Sol - The protagonist. A trusted knight captain.
Alte - A dragon-rider, and Sol's most trusted knight.
Ion - The brigade healer. Stern but compassionate.
Elizabeth - A show-off with a strong sense of justice.
Danna - An indecisive hunter that leaves decisions to Sol.
Vanilla - A confident and talented magician that is often stationed at the castle

25 base CG (excluding pose art and variations)

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