Sleepover H with His Older Cousin poster
Updated 2021-06-21
Developer Highland
Rip by mikocon


Sleepover H with His Older Cousin

Nao's cousin Yuuko came over and ended up staying the night.
She and Nao-kun decided to take a bath together.
Nao-kun is very curious about her naked body, and she lets him get a good look.
A voiced one-shota work. Does not include penetrative sex but contains similar content.

Yuuko CV: Mimori Aino
Nao-kun's older cousin, who will teach Nao-kun about H things with a girl.
She thinks his penis is cute and wants to touch and lightly tease it.

Short ADV game with a fully voiced heroine
17 base CG + variations (incl. pose art)
1280x960 screen size
HTML + JPG + separate audio file included

Title/Logo Design: Kou Minase

SFX: Pocket Sound

Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

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