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Updated 2021-03-21
Developer SlavesOfRome
Rip by s-hentai

Version 0.8.1
Rip by mikocon

Slaves of Rome v0.9.1

Slave of Rome is updated to v0.9.5!

For those previously purchased can get a FREE upgrade!


Main New Things This (v0.9.5) Build Features:

• Player Character Customization - (only male for now, female player customization is almost ready and will be coming soon)
• New Punishment Mode – Whipping now has a new interactive mode in 1st person where YOU actually do the whipping!
• Whipping Club VR – The whipping club is now working in VR as well!
• New Characters – 2 new characters have been added, but.. you need to find them! (Dharkar Ahuja and Callirhoe)
• New Quests/Story-lines: 2 new quests to explore!
• Optimization, Fixes and improvements – Some bug fixes, UI improvements and game optimizations.

You may have to delete this install and install it fresh. Your save game will not be affected.


Play as a Roman, and discipline slaves in this S&M style 3D game.
VR compatible (Can be played without).
A beautiful 3D game made in Unreal engine.


It's the Roman times (20 AD), and your family are slave merchants in this troubling era.
As such, it's your duty to train slaves, and make them follow your every whim
as though you are God.

The game also includes some trade simulation elements.

[VR Mode]

The "Punish" mode is compatible with VR,
Before entering the mode, a confirmation will pop-up asking whether you want to play with VR.
We are planning to update the game with more VR scenes in the future.

[Past Update]

v0.9.1 Content:

* New VR scenes support: Sex scenes
* New Feature: Watch two slaves forced to have sex with each other!
* New Quest: Beat Maximus into shape
* New Quest: Romius+Dimiara: If you captured Dimiara, you can free her from Romius!
* New Quest: Pre-desert quest - Amir needs stuff from the priest. He tells you about the legend of the desert!
* New Quest: Wife - After the statue, she wants a slave from the desert. If you get it, you can watch her having sex with the slave! You can have sex with her as well!
* Better balancing (easier to level up slaves value and get money) - Basically, less grinding.
* Small UI improvements, bug fixes and optimizations.

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