ShotaConQuest ~They're After My Dick!~ poster
Updated 2020-07-23
Developer Hurricane Dot Com
Version 19.02.27
Rip by s-hentai

Language jap

ShotaConQuest ~They're After My Dick!~

- Story:
100 years ago, the Hero Largedong brought peace to the land.
Everyone thought that peace would last forever...
However, this would not come to pass. Now Moonmoon Castle
is under assault by the resurrected Demon Lord and his army.
But one soldier escaped, and brought word of the siege to Lorecyan Castle....
Now the prince Cyan must set out on his journey to save the world...

- A veritable storm of H scenes!
Over 30 animated pixel art H scenes!
20 animated illustrations!
20 cut-ins!
Altogether, an unbelievably huge package!

- Battle fuck!
Enemies attack the hero and reverse rape him during battle!

- Characters:
Cyan: The main character, prince of Lorecyan Castle.
Summer: The princess of Summerl Durian.
Moon: The princess of Moonmoon.
Nyargo: The Demon Lord that rules the world.
Remina: The female Pirate Lord of the seas.
Rion: A powerful female sorceress.
Yarima: A lesbian bandit.
Ruby: The goddess that sleeps inside the tower.

Other maids, monsters, and more will assault our hero as well...

- Credits:
Hurricane Dot Com
Over 30 years' worth of pixel art experience put to use!

Fujihan (illustrator)

TRS (programmer)

Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.

Official blog:

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