Shameless Warrioress Atena ~Story of the Raped Maidens~ poster
Updated 2021-06-11

Shameless Warrioress Atena ~Story of the Raped Maidens~

It is a time of chaos. A time of banditry, monsters, kidnapping and rape.
The strongest of all the monsters: The terrifying orc.
They murder men ruthlessly, and rape women with abandon.

In the distant corner of the empire, a small village decided to fight back against the orcs that assaulted their women. They were defeated, and the men of the village were almost entirely wiped out.

To appease the lusty orcs, the village chief agreed to send the orcs food and women monthly.
The village faced extinction, and no help was imminent...l

And then, a plan was concocted. If the orcs don't kill women in favor of rape, why doesn't the village just raise female warriors of talent to fight them?
Assuming they can handle some violation...

And so the warriors, strongest of heart, were selected, and trained.
For the sake of their village, they must do battle, and endure endless penetration on their journey to defeat the orcs...

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