Sexually Instructing My Corner-masturbating Student poster
Updated 2021-01-10
Developer JSK Studio

Sexually Instructing My Corner-masturbating Student

After-school classroom where no one should be.
When I noticed a faint voice and peeped, a cute student was indulging in a secret act.
She should not have sufficient sexual knowledge yet, but I have to teach as a homeroom teacher, well.......

[Outline of works】
- It is a touch&communication game that advances the story, such as conversation and touch with the student"Senan Rio".
- Depending on how you proceed, you will branch to 2 stories and branch to 4 more endings.

・In the story mode, progress the game, such as conversation and touch.
- Depending on how you proceed, branch into 2 story modes of"Infirmary"and"changing room".
- Further branching into 4 endings(not including bad endings)depending on the content of actions and conversations.
・All different H scenes are prepared for the ending.I can always recall the H scene I saw once.
- H scene is missionary position, doggy style, cowgirl as a basis, handjob, blowjob, many such as peach Zuri.All 26 scenes including point of view and position difference.
- In the H scene, you can freely remove and remove clothes and underwear.Vaginal cum shot is possible at any timing.The degree of pleasure of the heroine can also be freely changed.
- The production is all pies, prepare another creampie anime for all positions."Although there are multiple piston scenes, ejaculation scenes were common" is not that.
- There is a transmission cross section representation in many H scenes.Can be turned on / off.
- Supports keyboard operation (H scene only)
- Implement the function to proceed manually ejaculation anime.The moment of unauthorized vaginal cum shot is also possible forever loop.

- Make sure to unzip the compressed file in both trial and production versions.It does not work properly in a state that does not decompress.
・Requires slight machine power.Please check the trial version.
- Audio is only sound effects.
・Occasional updates and bug fixes may occur.We strongly recommend that you purchase as a registered user.


A touch & communication game about "instructing" a female student
you found masturbating on the corner of a classroom table after school.
It turns out she has a lot to learn, and you're just the one to teach her!

A touch & communication game where you converse with
and touch student Rio in order to progress the story.
There are 2 routes, with 4 endings in total.

- Advance the story with conversation and touching
- The story branches off to the infirmary or locker room depending on how you advance
- Contains 4 endings depending on your choices (no bad ends)
- H scenes include missionary, doggy, cowgirl, handjob, fellatio, thighjob, etc.
- 26 scenes total
- In H scenes, clothing and underwear can be stripped freely. Creampie timing is yours to decide.
The heroine's pleasure level can also be adjusted.
- All sex includes an internal cumshot finish, with separate animations for different positions.
- Togglable cross-sections included for many H scenes
- H-scenes are compatible with keyboard controls
- Manual ejaculation function included. Cumshot moment can be indefinitely looped.

- The game must be fully de-compressed to run
- Audio is SFX only
- The game may be periodically updated or bug-fixed in the future.

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