Sexual Cohabitation with an Animal-eared Girl poster
Updated 2020-05-12
Developer Nuku Nuku Soft
Rip by mikocon

Rip by anime-sharing

Sexual Cohabitation with an Animal-eared Girl

* Game
You're the proprietor of a item shop, and it due to certain circumstances,
you take an animal-eared girl into your care as collateral.
Until the male adventurer comes back to pick her up in two weeks,
you can enjoy a daily life filled with love-making!

* Controls
Played mainly with left-click, and mouse drag.
During ecchi scenes, icons will appear when your cursor hovers over
something that can be interacted with.

* Other
- Moaning female voice and animation is included for all scenes
- Lots of dress-up options are included!

* Trial version
-You can play up until Day 7.
Save data can be transferred to the full version.

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