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Updated 2021-10-01
Developer nagiyahonpo


Seed of Desires

Have tons of lewd fun with four alluring heroines!
The convenience stores and game centers are packed with suspicious items!?
Time for some ecchi payback on these aggressive girls!
And if your lust and desire can't be held in...?

Souta's parents fled into the night, leaving him with a massive debt.
He takes on an extra job while attending school, but the stress weighs heavily on him,
and his childhood friend Miruku is worried...
Then, two gals and a mysterious prostitute enter the mix!?
Has Souta just assembled a harem?
With this sudden turn of events, some of his warped desires begin to surface...
Will this path lead to hope, or despair?

[H Scenes]
Contains male bottom situations, leading into reversal H, confinement, and even impregnation!
When it comes to pleasure, location doesn't matter!
Get it on at the convenience store, at school, even at the park!

20 base H scene illustrations
64 H scenes
Let your desires run wild!

A hardworking boy forced to bear the brunt of his parents' debt.
The seeds of dark desire dwell within him...

Souta's childhood friend, who decides it's time to seduce him, now some competition has arrived.

An easy-going gal that loves to tease Souta.

Sana's self-centered gal friend.

A mysterious prostitute that seems to know Souta from somewhere.
Loves sex, and loves getting violated hard even more.

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