Seduction Springs - Monster Girls x Pampering poster
Updated 2021-08-12
Developer MoonGlow
Rip by mikocon


Seduction Springs - Monster Girls x Pampering

The protagonist lost both his parents, so he is being raised by an institution in the country,
all the while suppressing his desire to be pampered and spoiled.

One day, he hears rumors of a forest spring where "you can meet lots of mommies".
Like an open invitation, he is attracted to the spring.
As he arrives, he is shrouded in light, and before he realizes it, he is whisked off to a strange world...!
He wants to return, but it seems nurturing monster girls are in his way.
If he gives into them, relinquishing himself, surely there will be no going back.
He'll have to decide what it is he truly wants...

An escape RPG with puzzle-solving, chases, etc.
Your goal is to return to your world while evading the monster girls that are coming for you.
Of course, if certain conditions are met, there is also the option of staying with the monster girls of your own volition...


ShomeiNatsuin (Artist for Mashiiro)
Yuudai Furuga (Artist for Eliicia)
Oojiromu (Artist for Feril)
Itsukito (Artist for Yornvurm)
Yamato (Daikon) (Artist for Adeli)

H Scenarios:
Inugurui (Mashiiro, Eliicia, Adeli)
Geki Sanma (Feril,Yornvurm)

* Made with RPG TKool MV.

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