Secretly Dirty-minded Knightess Reika's Sextremely Lewd Awakening - RPG poster
Updated 2021-09-27
Developer Instant Flowlighter

Secretly Dirty-minded Knightess Reika's Sextremely Lewd Awakening - RPG


On a super busty trader Fomia's request, a knightess Reika visits a quiet village Seille.
Since she lost her virginity at another town, she has been sexually frustrated.
As she is involved in various erotic events here, her lewdness will bloom!?

The protagonist Reika is a sub character of the previous work:
"Priestess Myelta's Sextravagant Remedies - RPG."

Of course, this game can be enjoyed standalone!
An easy & simple HRPG with no battles!

We have received several reports that this product does not properly start
with larger display resolution settings such as 4K.
Although reducing the resolution would solve the problem in most cases,
please confirm the system compatibility before purchasing.


* Situations for example:
- given massage by a woman and brought to orgasm by fingering!
- peeping Fomia's sex, masturbation and fellatio!
- Reika gets assaulted as a result of saving Fomia!
- violated when got drunk in a bar!
- giving fellatio in apology!
- getting excited when peeped and starts jilling off!
- Reika and Fomia's lesbian sex!

* Scene Playback Function Implemented! *
You can enjoy scenes and images you have seen in the reminiscence room!
Plus, all CG & scenes unlock function is loaded!


Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:


Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

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