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Updated 2021-06-20
Developer Hourglass & Pencil
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Rip by mikocon


Secret Lessons Done in Private

概要 Overview

Manipulate the hero who loves sex, let's etch so that everyone can not be exposed!
The information is leaked if I do not invite it to etch after raising the favorability degree and it is a serious thing!?
Take everyone to beanbags well, Let's bring it to your favorite etch♪
From the second week, features such as skip function and tickets to go to ト ト ト are also enhanced♪
there is also a special battle.

ー Story

Hoshisaki Ria was scouted from the underground idol, and officially became active as an idol.
However, there is a drawback to such a girlfriend......

That's what i love about sex!

I was eating up my fans, and there was a ban on sex from the manager!?
but i can't control it, ria is planning to grab the path of etch and idol…
Bitch and naughty idol, Hoshizaki that future...?

ー H Scene

can you use various means to make ria care about that?!
Pant, whisper, move to naughty!
※ It is earphone recommendation because there is whisper etc.

Everyone is tortured if attacked by etch Naria......?
The end is 6 kinds!
What kind of ending is up to the player♪

The bat end is a punishment to a bitch Nariah!?


"Hoshisaki Ria』
He became famous for underground idols and was scouted.
It is issued an etch ban even though I love etch......
even so, i will do my best without losing.
"With me...... etch ... would you please?」

He has a contract to take care of it until the official manager is decided.
He is a very talented manager, and the idols he grew up with are now all very famous.
if ria works hard, she will become a formal manager...?

☆Capture character ☆

"Fans of that side』
She has been supporting Ria since ancient times.
He is known as a fan and is also known as a fan.

"An acquaintance of the internet』
An old friend I met online.
I have met several times, but I have never had sex yet.

ex-boyfriend .』
Ex-boyfriend separated when quitting underground idol.
He still likes it and is becoming a stalker.

"Enthusiastic fans』
He likes to work in the warehouse of the performing arts and receives it.
He is a fan and surprisingly hard-working.

The president of a nearby AV company.They are not selling idols.
It's a personal favorite, and I'm eagerly asking if I'm going to work at home.

"Young actors』
They start to sell their names around the same time, and encourage each other to work hard together.
He has a very good personality.

They are very small and they are very supportive of each other.
He is not aware that he is stalking himself because he is not good at sunlight and communication disorder.

"Big actors』
The actor who became famous, but has a spare time unexpectedly.
They find it interesting to look at the recording site and encourage everyone.


Play as the sex-loving protagonist, and get it on as much as you can without getting caught!
If you don't get those affection meters high before doing your seduction, your big secret might leak!
Get everyone into the palm of your hand, and satisfy your desires!

Underground idol Lia gets scouted by a big agency. It seems she's destined for stardom.
There's just one problem... She loves sex, and her manager forbids it!
But her urges cannot be suppressed, so she devises a plan to become a big idol, and stay true to her horny desires...

[H Scenes]
Use whatever means at your disposal to get down to business!
Enjoy smooth animations, whispering, and intense moaning.
* Earphones recommended.

Contains 6 endings.
Perhaps a bad ending with Lia getting slutty punishment awaits?

Lia Hoshizaki
A popular underground idol that's destined for greater things.
But her love of sex might get in the way...

The man tasked with keeping tabs on Lia until an official manger is decided.
Said to be capable of making idols hit the bigtime, and if Lia works hard, perhaps he'll take her on a full-time basis?

[Other Men]
- Fans
- Netizens
- Ex-boyfriend
- AV Company CEO
- Young actor
- Stalker
- Famous actor

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