School Sex Battle! poster
Updated 2021-06-11
Developer Circle One

School Sex Battle!

The principal has just informed Momoko that she's going to be repeating a year of school.
But if she joins the Public Morals Committee and takes part in a sex battle, he'll rescind the decision!

- 26 male students and 6 teachers to battlefuck!
- Attack with your words! Different lines have different effects!
- Animated with 3D Custom Girl; different HP = 0 scenes! Make them cum to win!
- Change the angles and the backgrounds! Special cosplays depending on characters!
- Easy for beginners! No game overs!
- Enjoy gallery mode and free battles after defeating the principal!

Quite large thanks to the videos, so please confirm compatibility via the trial version.
Videos may sometimes crash regardless of specs.
This can sometimes be fixed by changing the resolution and then changing it back to the original size.
Anything else is out of my hands.

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