Sacrificial Girl ~Cave of the Water God~ poster
Updated 2021-01-14
Developer ManiaClub


Sacrificial Girl ~Cave of the Water God~


Chiyuki is designated as a life sacrifice to the water god
to stop the endless rain ravaging her village.
Her friends Mika and Kaori won't let her become a sacrifice,
so they accompany her to the cave of the water god.

A RPG about flat-chested lolis exploring a cave full of monsters, and solving puzzles.
If you make the wrong choices, or have bad timing, you'll get tricked, violated,
and more in various bad endings.

See if you can make it to the true ending, and request the water god stop the
rain without becoming a live sacrifice!

Includes ending routes depending on the state of the girls' virginity.

[H scenes]

Includes lots of interspecies sex elements.
Event scenes are fully voiced!


as Chiyuki: Mei Satsuki
as Mika: Pako Shirakawa
as Kaori: Mei Satsuki

Chiyuki - The girl chosen as the life sacrifice to the water god
Mika - Chiyuki's friend. An energetic, tomboyish girl.
Kaori - Chiyuki's friend. A reserved girl.

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