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Updated 2015-05-26
Developer enuemu
Size 262mb
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Ripped by: Unknown
Size 108mb
Language rus
Version 1.03
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Ripped by: Unknown


She joined the Holy Paladins to defend her people from evil spirits.
The tale of Paladin Miria begins...

To battle the atrocities Miria must acquire the skill of God's Miracle from the priest.
To be worthy of such a skill she first must attain the Sacred level.
Fulfill requests by the people to raise Miria's level.
Even when their requests are highly impure!
Her Impurity will rise with each sex act,
until at last her perfect body is bared to all!

When her Sin becomes very high she will stray toward a new ending.
Miria's clothing will reflect this change.

- 33 HCG base images
- Over 300 CG variations
- Erotic pose art in town and battle

- View all events in the Memory Room after completing the game

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
* Requires RPG TKool VX RTP (free).

Update log:
- fixed bug relating to entering certain rooms at an angle (no longer get stuck)
- changed malady effects of violation attack in battle
- added 2 new CGs, 8 variations scenes, added and fixed ending, added carousel function
- changed Impurity level for full nudity from 150 to 130 in town
- fixed bug relating to stealing item (can now steal)
- removed effects of violation attack when recovering from shame attack in battle
- added HP self damage item (purchase from merchant in front of brothel)
- changed attack strength and HP of minor enemy
- fixed bug relating to entering mausoleum at Sin level 10 or less (can now exit)
- fixed bug relating to image error displayed before certain event
- fixed bug which displays CG perpetually at game over

SACRED EYES ver2.01 screenshotSACRED EYES ver2.01 screenshotSACRED EYES ver2.01 screenshot

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