Ryoujoku Gakuenchou / Dorei Club ~Dokushin Choukyouroku~ poster
Updated 2017-11-25
Developer Clock Up team Anise
Language jap

Ryoujoku Gakuenchou / Dorei Club ~Dokushin Choukyouroku~

Original title: 凌辱学園長/奴隷倶楽部~読心調教録~

The main character is a sex slave trainer. One day, he receives an offer from someone he doesn't know. That is to train all female students at a high school located in the suburb. He accepts the offer, and visits the school...

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Early Sexual Content Sexual Slavery High Sexual Content Nukige Ahegao BDSM Group Sex of One Female and Several Males Bestiality Heroine with Glasses Bondage Group Sex of One Male and Several Females Student Heroine Pregnant Sex Harem Ending Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki Adult Heroine Big Breast Sizes Heroine Pettanko Heroine Ponytail Heroine ADV High School Lesbian Sex Rape Male Protagonist Multiple Endings Teacher Heroine Sexual Devices Defloration Sex in Public Places Anal Penetration Boobjob Exhibitionism Twin Tail Heroine Blowjob Handjob Heroine with Intake Hairstyle Multiple Penetration Bukkake Naked Heroine with Apron Erotic Spanking Cunnilingus More Than Seven Endings Doggy Style Body Writing Gang Rape Hairjob Outdoor Sex Deepthroat Fingering Cowgirl Standing Sex Sitting Sex Spoons Piledriver Background Moans Quickie Fix Position Blowjob Duck Face Heroine with Pubic Hair Double Handjob Anal Fingering Human Cattle Double Penetration (Group Sex) Heroine with Latex Mouth Gag Masturbation Fisting Vibrators Object Insertion Reverse Cowgirl Urination Fetish Nipple Insertion Lolicon Loli Heroine Scat Pubic Hair Shaving Anal Toys Genital Piercing Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males Female Domination Heroine with Inverted Nipples Dildos Hidden Vibrator Linked Piercings Dog Cosplay Gaping Clamps (BDSM) Heroine with Swimsuits Stockings Heroine with Tights Sex in Front of an Audience Missionary Position Heroine with Leotard Public Masturbation Gokkun Lactation During Sex Spreader Bar Heroine with Sport Bloomers Sexual Blindfold Sex with Invertebrates Shoejob Boobs on Glass Stuck-in-Wall Sex Balls Sucking Human Branding Sex in a Vehicle Nipple Piercing Specula (Sexual) Armpit Sex Heroine with Anal Hair Body Piercing Anal Fisting Naizuri Clothing Damage Heroine with Beauty Mark Trampling Petplay

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