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Updated 2021-07-23
Developer Galaxy Wars


Ruby Alice's Job Hunting Log

■ Story

By a certain organization, Rubi Alice, a girl who has been beaten only knowledge and power to become a knight and raised.

However, one day, the knight system was abolished with a big change of situation.
The dream of becoming a knight was cut off, and it was abandoned from the organization.

Ruby Alice, who was only trained and not even taught common sense properly, was suddenly thrown out to the world.
I don't even know what I can do ... I don't even know what to do.
But you have to work to live.

She challenges various jobs, but she does not know common sense, and she accepts everything that was told by people…

■ Game specifications

Genre Your job search RPG
Basic CG about 50 sheets including difference 250 sheets or more
Production Tool: RPG Maker MV


Ruby Alice was raised to become a knight. It's all she knows, and all she ever dreamed of becoming.
However, the times have changed, the knight order is now no more, leaving her dream crushed, and her options limited.
She is forced to venture out into the world with limited knowledge, and only her knight skills.
What can she do? What does she want to do?
She has no answers. But everyone has to work to put food on the table.

So she tries out different kinds of work, and since she's lacking in common sense,
she naively listens to everything she's told to do...

Genre: Job-search RPG
Approx. 50 base CG, 250+ CG total including variations
Production tool: RPG TKool MV

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