Royal Ladies Sold Into Slavery ~Queen & Princess Corrupted Into Sluts~ poster
Updated 2021-03-09
Rip by s-hentai

Rip by mikocon

Royal Ladies Sold Into Slavery ~Queen & Princess Corrupted Into Sluts~

"We will never sell out our country!"
"For the sake of our beloved citizens, we'll endure any shame...!"


Seirio, a small kingdom surrounded by forests and mountains,
and famous for it's farming exports and delicious alcohol.
But their most treasured goods are the beloved women of their royal family,
Queen Fiana and her beautiful daughter Emilia.

While their size left them at risk of invasion by larger countries,
their alliance with the huge kingdom of Elstein let them conduct their business
in relative safety.
That was, until, the kingdom of Elstein was defeated...

Immediately, the savage Barbarian King Gulda declared war on them.
His one condition to avoid this bloody conflict:
For Queen Fiana and Emilia to be handed over.
The two willingly offer themselves to protect their precious citizens,
but what will become of them...


Contains double fellatio, ass-slapping sex, body modification,
anal monster egg laying show, shameful crab dancing show,
violation, lewd crest, orc sex, nipple-fucking, etc.


This adventure game is all about the queen and princess getting completely
corrupted into total cumdumps for the Barbarian King.
In order to protect their beloved subjects, the two submit fully
to the intense sexual training until they become pleasure-addicted...

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